Read What American State TV Said About Duterte and Philippines

The love for the President of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte and the entire Filipinos seems increasing day by day as new organizations and bodies come out publicly to declare their support for the nation.

The latest to send in their support, or to praise the president and his people is an American state-owned television.

In a 30-minute documentary¬† broadcasted by the television station titled “The Rise of The Philippines”, the television station highlighted campaign message of the various presidential aspirants and how voting was conducted. It noted that, Duterte had carried a strong campaign message that won the hearts of many.

“Yes, the message was strong and he is delivering just as promise” – A voice-over in the documentary noted.

The documentary added that, the Philippines has risen in the past few weeks to becomes one of the powerful countries in the world who would soon control political and economic affairs of the globe.

Check back in hours time as we try to upload the whole documentary that has been exclusively provided to us. (NOTE: Video would be available on this website only and it is an offense under copyright laws to publish on any other media platform.).

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