BREAKING: Jeremy Corbyn Rejects Labour Leadership Position Hours After Jubilation

The newly elected leader of the labour Party Jeremy Corbyn has rejected the post over the results of a poll conducted by the independent newspaper.

In a poll conducted by the independent newspaper, it turned out that the public were looking forward to see Owen Smith elected as the leader of the Labour party.

According to the polls, Owen Smith had a better chance of winning a general election than Jeremy Corbyn. In sharp contrast to the result of the Labour leadership election, 38 per cent of the general public said Mr Smith had “more chance of winning”, and 31 per cent chose Mr Corbyn – although a further 31 per cent said they didn’t know.

“I cannot lead the people who have zero confidence in me. What sort of support am I going to receive from them?” – Jeremy cried.

The news follows Mr Corbyn’s victory over Mr Smith, in which he won 61.8 per cent of the ballot, compared to his challenger’s 38.2 per cent support.

The poll suggests the Labour leadership contest has been damaging to the party’s image. Three quarters of the British people (74 per cent) agree that “Labour is more divided now than I can ever remember”.

Those with longest memories, the 65+ age group, are most likely to agree. Although they might recall the SDP breakaway in 1981 and the battle against the Militant tendency, 90 per cent of the 65+ age group agree with the statement. Among all Labour voters, around two thirds agree (64 per cent).

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