BREAKING: EU Boss Responds To Duterte’s Comment Over Financial Aids

The President of the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker, has responded to President Rodrigo Duterte comment that the United States and the European Union could “go ahead” and withdraw financial aid to the Philippines if they’re unhappy with his bloody anti-drug war.

In a statement issued by the EU chief, aids supplied to Philippines are for Filipinos and not for the president. “The actions of the president would not send our wrath to the people. We would continue to support and provide assistance where necessary” – the statement said.

“Go away, bring your money to somewhere else. We will survive as a nation,” Duterte said in a speech to police officers on Thursday in the southern city of Butuan.

“How do you look at us, mendicants? We will survive. Even if we’ll go through hardships, we will survive. But we will never, never compromise our dignity.

“If you think it is high time for you guys to withdraw your assistance, go ahead, we will not beg for it,” Duterte said, adding he doesn’t expect the US, EU, and human rights group to understand his policy.

More than 3,680 people have been killed by police and unidentified attackers in the Philippines since June 30, when Duterte took office.

Last week, two US senators raised alarms about the mounting death toll linked to the anti-drug war, and called for a review of American foreign aid to the Philippines.

Senator Ben Cardin said what Duterte is advocating and endorsing “amounts to mass murder”.

Senator Patrick Leahy said: “No amount of killing will result in reforms that improve the judiciary, end corruption and impunity in law enforcement, or rehabilitate those caught in the vicious cycle of addiction.”

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